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We created a great list of mergable data fields you can insert into any of your customer email templatess.

Insert codes for Email Templates
Do you want to create your own emails to send within the system? Well we have made it pretty simple. Create your own email (with no formatting) just text and accompany it with a formatted version and we can add it to your list of templates.

You can use the following fields within a template.

  [CUSTOMSUBJECT] - entered subject, or the contents of the referring template's <customsubject> tag
  [CUSTOMBODY] - entered body, or the contents of the referring template's <custombody> tag
  [CURRENTDATE] - current date
  [CURRENTTIME] - current time
  [SENDERNAME] - name of sender
  [SENDERSIGNATURE] - shows admin signature if sender is admin, otherwise just a short line
  [MENULINK] - link to main menu (ie. "/menu.asp?blah", not including "<a href=""></a>")
  [VERIFYLINK] - link to email verification login page


  [APPLINK] - link to show details
  [APPNAME] - name of show
  [APPDATE] - show date
  [APPSUBMITDATE] - date show was submitted
  [APPPRICE] - show price
  [APPCONSULTANTPAY] - show team pay
  [APPDESCRIPTION] - show description
  [APPCOMMENTS] - show comments
  [APPMESSAGE] - show message, including text typed in
  [APPFORMAT] - show format
  [APPSERVICE] - show service
  [APPPAYMETHOD] - show payment method
  [APPPAYEXPECT] - show payment timeliness
  [APPSTATUSROVAL] - show approval status
  [APPSTATUSTENTATIVE] - show tentative status
  [APPSTATUS] - combined show status, as approval/tentative
  [APPSTATUSSTYLE] - css style of combined show status
  [APPTIMEFIRST] - time of earliest show
  [APPTIMES] - all show times, separated by commas


  [LOCATIONNAME] - name of location
  [LOCATIONCONTACT] - location contact person
  [LOCATIONPHONE] - location phone
  [LOCATIONADDRESS] - location address
  [LOCATIONCITY] - location city
  [LOCATIONSTATE] - location state
  [LOCATIONZIP] - location zip code
  [LOCATIONCITYSTATEZIP] - location city, state zip
  [LOCATIONEMAIL] - location email
  [LOCATIONDIRECTIONS] - location directions
  [LOCATIONDESCRIPTION] - location description
  [LOCATIONCOMMENTS] - location comments


  [INVOICELINK] - link to invoice details
  [INVOICENUMBER] - invoice number
  [INVOICECREATEDDATE] - date invoice was created
  [INVOICECONFIRMDATE] - date invoice was confirmed
  [INVOICEDUEDATE] - due date of invoice
  [INVOICESTANDING] - invoice standing
  [INVOICESTANDINGSTYLE] - css style of invoice standing
  [INVOICE] - complete html of customer invoice
  [CONSULTANTINVOICE] - complete html of team invoice


  [ACCOUNTLINK] - link to account details
  [ACCOUNTCONTACT] - account contact person
  [ACCOUNTBILLTO] - account bill-to name
  [ACCOUNTDAYPHONE] - account daytime phone
  [ACCOUNTEVENINGPHONE] - account evening phone
  [ACCOUNTCELLPHONE] - account cell phone
  [ACCOUNTADDITIONALPHONE] - account additional phone
  [ACCOUNTFAXPHONE] - account fax phone
  [ACCOUNTADDRESS] - account address
  [ACCOUNTCITY] - account city
  [ACCOUNTSTATE] - account state
  [ACCOUNTZIP] - account zip
  [ACCOUNTCITYSTATEZIP] - account city, state zip
  [ACCOUNTEMAIL] - account email
  [ACCOUNTREGISTERDATE] - date account was registered
  [ACCOUNTUSERNAME] - account username
  [ACCOUNTPASSWORD] - account password
  [ACCOUNTCOMMENTS] - account comments