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AppProcessor allows you to process your files easier, faster, more efficiently and with greater transparency than ever. Please review these features and see how they can benefit your Company. Better yet, take AppProcessor for a Test Drive.

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Sample Proposal

It's always easier to perform on a loan modification when you can paint the picture prior to working with the bank. Work through the scenarios, before making any obligations to your customers. Save time and money and its fully editable.

Proposals includes:

check Current proposed numbers

check Asset liquidation analysis

check Income analysis

check Buyer market value analysis

check Cost of foreclosure analysis

check Foreclosure estimated loss

Other features:

check Fully editable

check included to send by email

check Auto populates from our applications

email template

Web-based is more productive!

Web-Based software allows for uninterrupted updates to the software. You will always have the latest version available on all of your computers. Once we update the Site, all Users have the same version. No servers or downloads are required for you to access this software. Simply connect to the internet and begin your work. You can work from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Key points of being web based:

blue checkNo limited access
blue checkNo Installation
blue checkNo servers
blue checkAny computer
blue checkFaster loading

internet connection

Web Based Processing

This is the reason we created this tool, to allow you to capture all of the information and documents you need to make the best decisions for your Customers. You can manage your Customers, Consultants (Loan Officers), and Underwriters with one easy to use tool that has numerous views, sorts, email templates, and other features to capture the data and expedite the process. And best of all, it is all on the Web; no more CD's, no more downloads, no more worries if you are away from your desktop.

You can access your account from anywhere that you can obtain an internet connection.

Lead Management

Our goal is to build this for your needs. So we created an easy to use lead management software interface. You can set call back reminders, send emails, and keep notes of all conversations and activity, with all emails and notes being date and time stamped. Sound alerts for reminders and emails are included. Leads can be sorted in multiple ways and categories such as source, sales team, stages of progress, and types of leads to name a few.

Assign Leads Sales Team

Go ahead and import your leads and then you can easily assign them as needed. You can assign an individual lead or hundreds of leads with our built in assignment tool. You can also assign by lead sources or campaigns.
Lead Management


Customized For Your Company

We create a separate site for your use only. This is customized with your logo, address, and contact information. We create a separate database for all of our Customers. You can have unlimited Customers on the site. You also get to choose the number of Consultants and Underwriters with user access.

Custom Development & Features

We can provide you with additional enhancements that are specific to your needs if the occasion arises. Our goal is to allow this tool to save you time and resources. Custom development is available for an additional charge. Please check with your Sales Team for pricing.

Customized with:

check Your own logos.

check Your own database

check Your own applications

check All company info auto populates.


Landing Page Lead Portal
for Capturing Leads.

We have created the “Apply Now” portal to be inserted into any of your web site’s landing pages. This allows potential customers to easily send you their basic information or even complete a full application instantly. No need for the customers to guess how to contact you now. It’s all there in simple language and we let you insert it into any page you want!

Easy as 1,2,3

check The lead source with one digit.

check The code source is a iframe.

check Implement in seconds.

check We can modify as needed.

Lead Management

Auto Generated Agreements

Ok now, this is where you can give your secretary a break from redundant typing.

Agreements populate the following:

check Information from applications

check Any documents you requested

check Contract terms

check Third party authorization form

check Declaration of hardship

check Payment authorization

check Client responsibilities during processing

You can print, email or save the agreements. Agreements can be modified to fit your business model.

Lead Management

Customized Email Templates

Don’t you wish that you could just click on the subject and push send? Well, now you can with over 20 Customized email templates with an array of options from emails regarding leaving messages, status updates, requests for documents, and even the service agreements; all with your own letterhead, logo, and address information. Of course, you still have the option use the iblank templates which allow you to type anything else you may choose.

Some of the Email Templates include:

check Left Message to Customer

check Welcome Letter

check Status Updates

check Request for Underwriter Review

check Password Request

check Document Request

email template


Applications & Financial Ratios

We wanted to let you take an application on the fly.... on the phone, in person, by email, or let the customer complete it... all online. You can do it in part, in whole, save it for later, update it, send it, and modify again if needed. Just enter the data and the software does the rest.
We can modify the application to fit your business needs, whether you are
working in real estate, lending, or insurance industries.

Calculations include:

check Total Income & expenses
check Net Cash Flow
check Housing Expenses & Ratio
check Total Assets
check Debt to Income Ratio
check Loan to Value Ratio

Email & Notes with Date, Time and User Stamps

What could be better than to have a complete history of the details for all activity on every client? This is why we created the detail tracker to date, time and user stamp every email sent and every note sent so you can have this information available whenever you need it. The Administrator or Underwriter can access all history in one place if they need to review. You can also give specific access to certain notes or emails to your Customer so they know the status on their modifications (this will also reduce ongoing phone calls to give the same information). Got questions? Just pull up the file and get updated in seconds.

Complete Email & Notes History:

check Who wrote it
check What was the content
check When it was performed

Lead Management



Instant Messaging / Message Alerts

We have a built-in Instant Messaging (IM) system to allow you to communicate with the Customer and/or the Underwriter that is logged into the system.. Message Alerts can be set for future delivery, as reminders to call a client, or other reminders of your choosing.

Simply put, you can IM any other User who is logged into the system when instant communication is necessary, or convenient.

You can also set reminders to call your Customers in an hour, next Tuesday, or any other time when you need to follow up. The reminders sound an alert when the scheduled time has arrived (speakers help).

Notifications are sent when:


check When an application is completed

check To set up appointments

check Upon completing progress levels

check To communicate with other users