Certain requirements must be met before a delinquency resolution can be considered.

[ACCOUNTCONTACT] please complete and provide copies of the following information for our review.

Service Agreement (sign and date all forms)
Copy of Most Recent Mortgage Statement(s) (all applicable)
Authorization to Release Information (signed for each lender)
Hardship Letter (see Hardship Letter Guide)
Most Recent Paystubs covering One Month
Verification of all sources of income (Rental Income, Alimony, Child Support, etc.)
2008 W-2's (all jobs)
2008 Tax Returns (if self- employed)
Last Two Month's Bank Statements (or letter stating that you currently do not have a bank account)
Last Six Month's Business/Personal Bank Statements (if self -employed)
Most Recent Property Tax Bill
Homeowner's Insurance Declarations Page (Typically page 1 or 2 of the policy)
Financial Worksheet
Supporting Hardship information
Correspondences from Lender's Attorney or Sheriff (if any)

I/We, [ACCOUNTCONTACT] understand that the information that is needed to provide a complete assessment to my/our mitigation porcess is indicated above. I/We understand that without the complete information requested above, Your Company cannot assist me/us. I/We understand that my/our lender may proceed with the forclosure process. Not withstanding the above, lender's right to the foreclosure process is not negated by mere submission of mitigation package.

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